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2020, Christchurch (MP157B)
FT1 Kaikoura Earthquake surface ruptures, landslides and building damage
FT4 Petroleum exploration and production in north Canterbury
FT5 Banks Peninsula's best bits: Volcanology, research and Geopark
FT6 A walking tour of Chirstchurch CBD rebuild

2019, Hamilton (MP155B)
FT1 Waipuna Cave geochemistry
FT2 Hamilton Basin faults
FT3 Mt Pirongia: North Island's largest basaltic volcano
FT4 King Country Basin Oligocene and Miocene structure, stratigraphy and depositional systems

2018, Napier (MP151B)
FT1 100 million years of subduction on the eastern Zealanida margin
FT2 White Island
FT4 Hawkes Bay monocline and forearc basin
FT5 Structure and deformation of an emergent accretionary ridge, Hikurangi margin, southern Hawke Bay
FT6 North Island Jurassic sequences

2017, Auckland (MP147B)
FT3 Rangitoto Island
FT6 Fossil highlights of Auckland
FT7 Broken Hills epithermal Au-Ag mineralisation

2016, Wanaka (MP145B)
FT1 Australian-Pacific plate boundary tectonics
FT3 Central and North Otago, and Waitaki valley fossils
FT4 Waipiata Volcanics
FT5 Otago Schist
FT7 Late Cretaceous Whakapohai Formation, South Westland
FT8 Oligocene-Miocene paleobotany and sedimentology, Central Otago and Southland
FT9 Cromwell Gorge, Clyde Dam, landslides, precarious rocks, and Dunstan Fault

2015, Wellington (MP143B)
FT1 Wellington K Surface origin and evolution
FT2 Wellington geology and landscape
FT3 Late Quaternary deformation, southern Wairarapa Fault system
FT4 Paleogene stratigraphy and paleoenvironment, Tora coast
FT5 Pleistocene cyclic stratigraphy, south Wairarapa (Paleobiology Workshop field trip)


2014, New Plymouth (MP139B)
FT3 Taranaki coast geology: Stony River to Motunui
FT5 Explosive eruptive records at Mt Taranaki
FT6 Late Neogene normal faults and tectonic history, north Taranaki coast

2013, Christchurch (MP136B)
FT1 Jim Cole Field Symposium: Taupo Volcanic Zone
FT2 Earthquake engineering geology: Port Hills and Christchurch city
FT3 Earthquake impacts on soft sediments, eastern Christchurch
FT6 Canterbury active fault network geomorphology, structure and interactions
FT8 Zealandia Mesozoic accretionary orogen
FT9 Cretaceous-Paleogene stratigraphy, northeastern South Island

2012, Hamilton (MP134B)
FT1 Cenozoic carbonate and caves
FT2 Late Quaternary tephra, loess and paleosols, Mamaku Plateau and Lake Rerewhakaaitu areas
FT3 Eastern Taranaki margin sedimentary record
FT4 Subduction meets intraplate volcanism
FT6 Geothermal exploration and development
FT9 Huntly coal, power station and the Waikato River

2011, Nelson (MP130B)
FT1 Wairau Fault late Quaternary displacements and paleoearthquakes
FT2 Marlborough Schist
FT3 Dun Mountain
FT4 Roding River ("Nelson Mineral Belt") Cu mineralisation and Dun Mountain-Maitai Terrane stratigraphy
FT5 Geology and history of the Nelson Boulder Bank
FT6 Permian-Triassic boundary
FT7 Waimea-Flaxmore Fault System and Nelson geohazards
FT8 NW Nelson Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphic and paleontologic highlights

2010, Auckland (MP129B)
FT2 Puketoka Formation and age of the Hauraki Graben
FT3 Rangitoto Island
FT4 Auckland phreatomagmatism
FT6 Northland: Onset of a new subduction regime

2009, Oamaru (MP128B)
FT1 Central Otago gold
FT2 Basement faults, fractures and fluid flow
FT3 Coastal Otago: Weston to Kakanui and Oamaru
FT4 Waihemo Fault System
FT5 Paleogene Waiareka-Deborah Volcanics
FT6 Aviemore Dam
FT7 Vanished World
FT8 Victorian Oamaru
FT9 Miocene Waipiata Volcanic Field phreatomagmatism
FT10 West Coast geology student trip
FT11 Waitaki/Canterbury basin
FT12 Paleobotany, palynology and sedimentology of Otago and Southland Cretaceous-Miocene sequences
FT13 Deepest Fiordland

2008, Wellington (MP124B)
Field Trip Guides contents
FT1 Wellington Fault neotectonics and earthquake geology
FT2 Turikirae Head beach geology and geomorphology
FT5 Southern Wairarapa Fault and Wharekauhau Thurst (Palliser Bay)
FT7 Whanganui Basin: Late Cenozoic sea-level cycles, tephras and terraces

2007, Tauranga (MP123B)
FT2 Okataina Volcanic Centre earthquakes and eruptions
FT3 Matamata debris flows
FT5 Bay of Plenty coastal hazards
FT6 Major Island/Tuhua geology
FT7 White Island recent products and processes

2006, Palmerston North (MP122B)
FT1 Manawatu coastal plain late Quaternary geomorphology
FT2 Manawatu and Rangitikei districts middle to late Pleistocene stratigraphy
FT3 Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast SH1 and proposed Transmission Gully motorway landslide hazards
FT4 New energy, challenging geology: the Tararua Wind Farm [if you have a PDF, please send to]
FT5 Mt Taranaki

2005, Kaikoura (MP119B)
FT1 Cretaceous-Paleogene stratigraphy of eastern Marlborough
FT2/9 The Conway fan delta terraces and Hawkeswood Range uplift
FT3A-B/10 Inland North Canterbury structure, stratigraphy and active tectonics
FT4 Eastern Marlborough Faults
FT5A Kaikoura Peninsula structure and tectonics
FT5B Kaikoura Peninsula stratigraphy and sedimentology
FT6 Mt Fyfe and Kaikoura plains: Active tectonics, fan morphology and hazards
FT7 Hope Fault geomorphology and paleoseismicity
FT8 Haumuri Bluff Cretaceous-Neogene successions

2004, Taupo (MP117B)
FT1 Taupo Volcano
FT2 Geothermal systems
FT5 King Country and eastern Taranaki basins stratigraphic architecture and sedimentology
FT6 Central North Island Miocene-Pliocene interior seaway (Kuripapango Strait) sedimentary patterns and tectonic styles
FT7 Taupo Volcanic Zone caldera volcanism

2003, Dunedin (MP116B)
FT1 East Otago gold
FT3 Otago Schist structure and exhumation
FT4 Vanished World Trail
FT5 Dunedin building stones and architectural heritage
FT6 Southern Alps tectonics and Quaternary geology
FT7 Southland coast and eastern Fiordland igneous rocks
FT8 Canterbury Basin paleontology and stratigraphy
FT9 Otago and Southland Late Cretaceous-Miocene non-marine sequences paleobotany and sedimentology

2002, Whangarei (MP112B)
Geological overview of Northland
FT1 Northland Allochthon emplacement, south Whangarei Harbour
FT2 Kaipara allochthon/autochthon
FT3 Whangarei Heads geology
FT4 Basement-Cenozoic-allochton interactions, Ocean Beach
FT5 A bush walk on a Miocene volcano [if you have a PDF, please email to]
FT6 Geothermal Northland
FT7 Northland geology
FT8 Northland from the Permain-Triassic boundary to the allochthon
FT9 Far North geological gems

2001, Hamilton (MP110B)