Log on help

Having trouble logging on?


If you are having trouble logging on, using the link Members Log In in the top right of the website, the best remedy is to request a new password.

Each time you try to log-on you get three chances.  Once these have been exceeded, you’re timed out for 15 minutes and then you can try again.

To request a new password, use the 'I've lost my password' option as shown to the right.

You will be sent a link.  Click on this and following the instructions to reset your password.  If you don’t receive the link please check your spam folder.

The 15 minute stand down period applies to resetting your password.  If you have already tried to log on three times without success and then requested a password reset link this will not work until after 15 minutes has elapsed.

Each password reset link is valid for one time use only.

If you've requested the link more than once you'll need to use the most recent one.

Each link is valid for 24 hours.  If you do not use it within this time then you'll need to request a replacement.

If you still experience difficulty logging please take a screenshot of the error message you receive and send it to admin@gsnz.org.nz.  Nicki will be in touch to help you further. 

The administrator’s role is part time and your patience is appreciated.

Use the Members Log In in the top right of the website to get to this page and use the "I've lost my password" option.