Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership

The Geoscience Society of New Zealand welcomes organisations with an interest in the geosciences, including Aotearoa New Zealand's unique geological landscapes, to become members.

As well as being publicly affiliated with New Zealand's foremost association for geoscientists, you'll have access to the knowledge and expertise of our members.

Student Group Membership

The GSNZ is keen to support and encourage students to pursue a career in the geosciences.

To help with this we are pleased to offer membership of the GSNZ to New Zealand based student groups at the discounted rate of $40 (the full rate for non-student organisations is $100).

Student Group Grants

Student groups (who are GSNZ members) may request funding from GSNZ on a case-by-case basis.  This is intended to support student geological activities that involve or promote geoscience in NZ.

Grant application and criteria



Featured member: Waitaki Whitestone UNESCO Global Geopark

"The Geopark became organisational members of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand because we recognise the huge expanse of scientific knowledge and ongoing research that members are leading."


Waitaki Whitestone UNESCO Global Geopark
20 Thames Street, Oamaru

The Waitaki Whitestone Geopark is based in the Waitaki District of New Zealand.  In 2023 it became New Zealand’s first, and Australasia’s only UNESCO Global Geopark.  

Our Geopark tells the story of our land, our whenua.  It inspires our people and visitors to learn, discover and be connected to our living planet and cultural histories, so together we can care for and contribute to thriving communities.  

There are many sites within our Geopark that are of recognised geological significance.  These sites let us glimpse back in geological time to events and environments that formed Te Riu-a-Māui/Zealandia.   

The Waitaki Whitestone UNESCO Global Geopark is an organisational member of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand because, we recognise that engaging with earth science experts ensures the stories we are telling continue to be accurate and relevant. It also provides us with an opportunity to network and share learnings in areas such as education and public outreach.