GSNZ Newsletter Contributions

The latest issues of the GSNZ Newsletter are only available to members. However, past issues, including those of some predesessor societies, are available to download for free via the GSNZ Newsletter Archive and History section of the GSNZ webstore.

GSNZ Newsletter article submission

The GSNZ Newsletter is a benefit of GSNZ membership, and the editor seeks correspondence, news items, interim or preliminary reports of current research, reviews of books and of recent geological publications and other topical articles. Reviews of New Zealand geology, geochemistry and geophysics published overseas are particularly welcome. The publication is not a peer reviewed academic journal. 

The newsletter is formatted for A5. Email copy in any text format is acceptable. We suggest a limit of 1000 words or one to four pages in the current format for most contributions with minimal but key referencing. Depending on space, longer articles suitable as feature articles with illustrations are often published. Attributed images and graphics are encouraged. 

The editor seeks to provide a high-quality publication for our readership. Accompanying photos must be sent as email attachments at the highest resolution possible. Please do not embed images in a Word document as they are often rendered unsuitable for the printing process. Annotation of images (numbering and descriptions on photos) is discouraged. 

Unless indicated otherwise, views expressed are those of the authors and are not the official views of the editor or the Geoscience Society of New Zealand. Although encouraging informed debate, the Society moreover gives no guarantee concerning the accuracy, completeness or suitability of any information provided and takes no responsibility for any loss or damage that use of information in this publication may cause to anyone. Use of any information contained in any issues of this publication is the responsibility of the user.

Note that names are normally of the format “John Smith” or “Jane Smith”. We prefer not to use titles such as Mr, Dr or Professor, nor to worry about whether we should use Miss, Mrs, or Ms.

March Issue: 1 February
July Issue: 1 June
November Issue: 1 October

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