PhD in Geology (Geochemistry of the Otago Schist)

Thermal and isotopic evolution of an exhumed accretionary prism: Otago Schist

University of Otago
Level: PhD
Closing date: open until filled

We seek a student to undertake a PhD characterising trace elements and isotope ratios of titanite, monazite and other accessory phases with the purpose of understanding the thermal history during metamorphism and exhumation of an accretionary prism. Fieldwork will include examination of existing samples and collection of new material across Otago, and analytical methods will include in-situ measurement of trace elements, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, U-Pb, and Lu-Hf isotopes by LA-ICP-MS. Ideally, the student should have a background in metamorphic petrology and experience with LA-ICP-MS although a willingness to learn is almost as good. 

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