PhD: Environmental Geochemistry (fully funded)

Metal isotope tracing of heavy metal pollutants

University of Otago

Level: PhD (funded with stipend)


The Geology Department has an opportunity for a fully-funded PhD project (with stipend) investigating the sources and environmental pathways of heavy-metal contaminants across the rapidly growing urban centre of Auckland.

This project will characterise the distributions and isotope signatures of heavy-metals across mixed land-use catchments in Auckland to trace the sources, pathways and fate of heavy-metal contaminants from ‘source-to-sink’. This new information will help regulatory authorities incentivise sustainable urbanisation and resource use. This project involves field sampling, ‘clean-room’ geochemistry, biogeochemical modelling, collaboration between U. Otago, NIWA, ANU and Auckland Council, and off-campus exchange visits.

Closing Date: 21 January 2022 (or until filled)

Contact: Claudine Stirling

More information and how to apply.

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