MSc or PhD: Why is pounamu tough?

Why is pounamu tough?

This position has now been filled

Using materials science and mātauranga Māori to explain the special physical properties and uses of nephrite jade

University of Otago

Level: funded MSc or PhD opportunity


Nephrite jade is known for its extreme toughness even though it is made of silicate minerals of only moderate hardness. So why is this iconic geomaterial so tough, so resistant to fracture?  

This is an opportunity to join a multidisciplinary research team of scientists and pounamu carvers to explore relationships between the quality, physical properties and mineral fabrics of nephrite jade. The postgraduate work will involve micro-mechanical deformation testing and/or electron microscopy at the University of Otago in Dunedin. 

This is a Marsden Fund research project. 

Further details and how to apply are provided here. 

Closing Date: open until the position is filled. 

Contact: Nick Mortimer