PhD in Earth Science / Geomorphology (Soft-rock landsliding patterns)


Evaluating the long-term activity and sediment delivery of large, soft-rock landslides in New Zealand
Massey University
Level: PhD
Closing Date: 20 September 2020

Thousands of large (>2ha) landslides have been mapped within the soft-rock terrain of New Zealand, many of which cause erosion, sediment delivery to rivers, and damage land and infrastructure. Little is known of the movement rates of these features over time, e.g. in response to land-use, climate changes, or earthquake patterns. The project will involve geomorphological mapping and dating the landslides by coring sediments lakes within the landslide bodies. In addition, regional-scale geomorphic terrain analysis will be used in combination with the dated landslides to develop an index for landslide age and regional scale, long-term sediment delivery from such landslides.

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