Lava geochemistry of Karioi Maunga

Summer Research Project 2021-22

Lava geochemistry of Karioi Maunga

University of Waikato, Hamilton

Level: B grade or higher in EARTH 211


Karioi Maunga is an extinct stratovolcano beside Raglan of profound geological and cultural significance to Aotearoa.  This volcano is one of only three sites on Earth where arc lavas (similar in composition to Taranaki) and intraplate lavas (similar to the basalts of Auckland Volcanic Field) have erupted together from the same vent system. 

In this study, you will utilise an extensive catalogue of rock samples collected during the recent Karioi Volcano Geological Map campaign.  We aim to analyse all the collected samples to determine their major and trace element compositions, in order to build the most complete geochemical catalogue of rock geochemical data for Karioi to date.

Contact: Oliver McLeod

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