Learned Australasian Volcanologist Association New Zealand (LAVANZ)

LAVA NZ is a special interest group for volcanologists and volcano enthusiasts. LAVA NZ held its inaugural meeting at the Geosciences 2014 conference in New Plymouth.  The group is associated with LAVA, a specialist group of the Geological Society of Australia. The two groups are managed separately under the auspices of their parent societies, but currently share a common once-to twice-yearly newsletter (LAVA News).

The aims of both LAVA NZ and LAVA are: 

  • To provide a forum for discussion between members interested in and/or working in ancient and modern volcanic environments in the Australasian region. 
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between workers in volcanology and related disciplines such as sedimentology, mineralisation and igneous geochemistry. 
  • To provide a stronger link between volcanological researchers and industry-based geologists working in volcanic terrains. 
  • To promote research into the volcanology of the Australasian region.
  • To provide a forum for promotion of volcanology within geoscience to the wider community.

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Oamaru Pillow Lavas, Otago