***NEW*** Geological map of the Pirongia Volcano, Waikato: 1:30,000 geological map


Authors: Oliver E. McLeod, Adrian Pittari, Marco Brenna, Roger. M. Briggs
Year: 2020
Format: Softcover and A0 1:30,000 geological map in sleeve
Series: GSNZ Miscellaneous Publication
Series volume: 156
ISBN: 978-0-473-52832-4
ISSN (print): 2230-4487

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Oliver McLeod, a University of Waikato PhD student, has produced a full-colour, large-format (A0) 1:30,000 geological map, revealing for the first time details of the geology of the North Island’s largest basaltic volcano—Pirongia.

The map is accompanied by a book detailing the geology and eruptive history of Pirongia. The high quality of production and excellent new research upon which the map and book are based will make it the “go-to” reference for Pirongia for many years to come.