Hochstetter's Nelson Diary


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Authors: Mike Johnston, Sascha Nolden and Leonore Hoke
Year: 2012
Format: Softcover
Series: GSNZ Miscellaneous Publication
Series volume: 132
ISBN: 978-1-877480-19-5
ISSN: 2230-4487

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German geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter is regarded by many as the "father" of New Zealand geology. Arriving in New Zealand in 1859, he documented his time and travels in our country in a series of five diaries. Hochstetter's Nelson Diary comprises a translation of the fifth and final New Zealand diary, and also includes a translation of Hochstetter's previously unpublished report on copper and chromite deposits at Dun Mountain. A must-read for those with a passion for the history of New Zealand geology!