GSNZ partners with TNZ to bring international conferences to New Zealand

"We hope to inspire GSNZ members to bid for conferences and reap the many benefits they bring to New Zealand."

The Geoscience Society of New Zealand has partnered with Tourism New Zealand’s Business Events team in a bid to bring more international geoscience conferences to New Zealand.

The partnership aims to increase both the number and scale of bids for international conferences in this field by showcasing the bid support available to GSNZ members.

Tourism New Zealand’s Business Events team offers support for international conferences of more than 200 international delegates through its Conference Assistance Programme. This includes supporting costs for a financial feasibility study of the conference, production of a professional conference bid document, funding bid travel requirements, and marketing and promotional support if the bid is successful.

Tourism New Zealand General Manager Domestic & Business Events Bjoern Spreitzer says: “Earth sciences is a key sector for our Business Events team. New Zealand is very active geologically, and it is a natural laboratory for Earth science, with many GSNZ members renowned internationally for their specialist research and knowledge. This makes New Zealand an attractive proposition for hosting international conferences in this field.

“We hope to inspire GSNZ members to bid for conferences and reap the many benefits they bring to New Zealand. These include the exchange of knowledge and ideas, building international networks, showcasing local research, increasing investment or collaboration opportunities, attracting talent, and enhancing our global reputation.”

GSNZ President Kat Holt adds: “GSNZ is a highly connected and active society engaged in domestic and international conferencing. In working with Tourism New Zealand, we hope to encourage our members to bid for more and larger international events, and grow our national conference to include more participation from our Australian and Pacific colleagues. Ultimately, our vision is to advance the global standing and visibility of New Zealand geoscience.”

International conferences won by GSNZ members with support from Tourism New Zealand to date include the International Sedimentological Congress (ISC 2026) won by Senior Geologist at GNS Science, Dr Mark Lawrence; and the International Association of Volcanology and the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI 2023), won by Dr Adrian Pittari, Senior Lecturer in Volcanology at the University of Waikato.

For more information on bidding for an international conference visit: