January 2020 Newsflash

9th International Shallow Survey Conference

The 9th International Shallow Survey Conference will be held from
24-28 May 2021 at New Zealand's National Museum & Art Gallery
Te Papa Tongarewa.

The Theme of Shallow Survey 2021 “Coastal Challenges: Innovative approaches to mapping shallow coastal water environments” is a key feature of this conference series.
These conferences, held every two to three years, focus on the topics associated with surveying in shallow waters, and are recognised world-wide by experts in their chosen field of research and work as an important forum for presenting new scientific and technological advancements in this area.

As a component of the conference, survey challenges will be set with the aim of targeting specific research questions and/or areas of interest. The Challenges aim to encourage innovation and collaboration between research organisations, academia, the survey industry, and equipment manufacturers to address some of the difficulties faced when surveying in a shallow water coastal environment. The challenges will investigate technologies or methodologies which provide solutions to working in the coastal and shallow water environment. Examples of the techniques that may be used for the data acquisition vary from beam forming sonars, LIDAR, Satellite Derived Bathymetry, seafloor sampling robots, seismic acquisition, autonomous technologies or motion compensation systems.
For more information please see the event website or contact the organisers

Hydrogeology Special Interest Group

Expressions of interest sought to establish a Hydrogeology
Special Interest Group

In New Zealand, 80% of freshwater is found under the ground at any given time.  High level hydrogeological skills and knowledge are needed to protect this precious resource and to ensure it is used in the most beneficial and sustainable manner for environmental and socio-economic purposes. 
Clearly, New Zealand geologists have profound interest and an important role to play in understanding and managing the nation’s groundwaters.  With this in mind, it is proposed to establish a Hydrogeology Special Interest Group.  The preliminary objectives of the proposed Hydrogeology SIG will be:

  • to stimulate interest and knowledge of hydrogeology
  • to raise the profile of geologists in groundwater projects, research and forums
  • to establish ties and instigate mutually beneficial cooperation between the GSNZ and other professional associations interested in groundwater in New Zealand
  • to explore the possibilities and benefits of connecting with international organisations with similar interests, such as the National Groundwater Association (USA) and the European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

The group’s objectives will be formally developed through discussions between members following its establishment.  Ten GSNZ members are required to establish a new SIG.
To register your interest in joining a Hydrogeology SIG, or if you have any questions or suggestions contact Hisham Zarour, Principal Hydrogeologist, Stantec.

Geochemistry Special Interest Group

Geochemistry Special Interest Group has a new convenor

Sebastian Naeher, Organic Geochemist with GNS Science, has recently taken the reins of the GSIG.  Keen to ensure the group was meeting the needs of its members he initiated a brief survey in October/November last year.
Overall the responses were positive with members indicating their preference for a good quality newsletter 2-3 times/year, a chance to meet face to face at the annual conference as part of a lunchtime meeting geochemistry session as well as a geochemistry workshop before or after the conference. Sebastian is planning the first newsletter for early February, where he will also provide a more detailed summary of the survey results, in addition to several interesting updates and reports from the geochemistry community.

He is keen to hear from anyone who wishes to contribute an article (need for more contributions) and volunteers to help develop group initiatives and activities.

If you have any questions about the group please contact Sebastian