ISC coming to NZ

International Sedimentological Congress (ISC) to be held in New Zealand in 2026.

The ISC is one of the largest international purely sedimentological conferences with typically anywhere from 600 to 1000 participants.  It is rarely held in the Southern Hemisphere but in 2026 it will be hosted by members of the GSNZ Sedimentology SIG. 

The theme for the congress will be “Sedimentation on active plate margins through time and space” and will include field trips and workshops covering as broad a range of sedimentary systems in Zealandia as possible.  Topics relating to Māori and Pacifica views of sediments, sedimentary rocks, and sedimentary process will also be included.   

This congress will be an excellent opportunity to showcase New Zealand sedimentology and for networking with international sedimentologists.  It will be particularly good for students who may otherwise be unlikely to attend such a prestigious event relatively cheaply.

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