Hydrogeology SIG - Bimonthly Technical Talk Series

The “Hole truth” – is what you see, what you get?

Drillers’ logs are vital to understand the subsurface geology. Among their uses is 3D modelling to support decision making. Appreciating how reliable these data are is critical.  

Christchurch City Council drilled sonic bores to identify the depth to the first aquitard. Sonic core data were compared to existing nearby drillers’ logs through checking the lithology and predominant sediment type at increments of 0.5 m. Just over half of the main sediment types were identified correctly in drillers’ logs.  

To learn more about this from Helen Rutter (Aqualinc) & Iain Haycock (McMillan Drilling), join us online or in person at the University of Canterbury.

Wednesday, 7 October, 6- 7pm, doors open from 5.30pm

Physical meeting

University of Canterbury, Room 111, Beatrice Tinsley Block.

More information available here.

A recording of this talk is available on the GSNZ You Tube Channel.