GSNZ members celebrate funding success

Congratulations to all our members who were included in successful bids to the 2021 Marsden Fund, and a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship


Craig Miller at GNS Science: Lifting the veil on precursors to unheralded phreatic eruptions.

Scott Nodder at NIWA, and Cathy Ginnane and Jocelyn Turnbull both at GNS Science: Tracking the lateral transfer of organic carbon by submarine canyon systems – A missing sink in global carbon budgets?

Finnigan Illsley-Kemp at Victoria University of Wellington and Laura Wallace at GNS Science: The Silent Trigger: Do slow-slip earthquakes trigger volcanic unrest in the Taupō Volcanic Zone?

Simon Barker, Lionel Carter, Rewi Newnham and Colin Wilson all at Victoria University of Wellington: Climatic and environmental impacts of the largest explosive volcanic eruptions on Earth.

Catherine Reid at University of Canterbury: Avian diversity in the aftermath of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K/Pg) mass extinction: Zealandia as a hub for the evolution of marine birds.

Also Calum Chamberlain at Victoria University of Wellington, who has been awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship.