Geobake 2024 winner announced

Columnar jointed basalt by Katerina Korolevskaya

Congratulations to the winner of the Geobake 2024: Columnar jointed basalt by Katerina Korolevskaya.

Katerina described her entry:

This cake represents the columnar jointed basalt found in the Dunedin area, specifically the Organ Pipes. It has a red velvet sponge inside to represent the mafic basalt, and a black sesame-based meringue arranged in hexagonal columns with a dusting of cocoa to mimic the Organ Pipes' weathered grey surface.

Katerina wins a one year subscription to the GSNZ for her efforts.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Geobake across the country and sent in their entries to be judged.  We had a great response this year and as always the standard was extremely high.

The joint second and third entries are shown below.


Geobake 2024 winner: Columnar jointed basalt by Katerina Korolevskaya.

Joint second placed entries


Normal Fault by Charlotte Blackler & Zane Sheern

This cake represents an example of a normal fault that has occurred following the deposition of numerous layers of geological strata. leading to the uplift and offset of the strata on the footwall side.



Gingerbread Geological Map of New Zealand by Jenny Stein

A gingerbread base with bathymetry shown in royal icing and geology with royal icing and glucose syrup ‘stained glass’ windows.

Joint third placed entries


Elevation model of the Hikurangi subduction margin by Susi Woelz and Christof Mueller

Elevation model of the Hikurangi subduction margin with parts of North and South Island of New Zealand showing seamounts and knolls, Hikurangi Channel, and details of submarine mass wasting. RV Tangaroa is approaching the Hikurangi Channel in preparation to pick up a lander.  


Garnet mica schist thin section by Kirsty Vincent

Garnet mica schist thin section, plain polarised light.