Earth Science in NCEA

Earth Science in NCEA

What is your opinion on Earth Science in NCEA?

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is currently accepting feedback on their proposed changes to NCEA Level 1 subjects, which includes the planned amalgamation of Physics and Earth & Space Science into a single subject.

Some of our members have expressed concern that this will result in less teaching time for geoscientific concepts and ideas, and less exposure to the discipline as a potential interest or career path for aspiring young & future professionals.

We invite our members to submit their considered opinion about the proposed NCEA Level 1 changes to our secretary by emailing by September 1st.  Your responses will be collated and presented in a formal submission to the MoE on behalf of the GSNZ and our members.  We also encourage anyone who feels strongly about this issue to submit their own feedback directly to the MoE.

Find out more about the proposed changes and access the Ministry of Education’s online survey here:

Proposed Physics Earth & Space Science subject assessment details are available here: