2020 Photo competition shortlist

In July 2020 all members of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand were invited to show off their photographic talent.  The competition was split into three categories to commemorate the centennial of Milutin Milanković’s astronomical theory: Théorie mathématique des phénomènes thermiques produits par la radiation solaire.

The categories were:
1. Milankovich: Geological Cyclicity
2. Macro- and micro-scale geoscience
3. New Zealand Geoscience.

The shortlisted images in each section are shown below.

GSNZ members are able to vote for their preferred image in each section using the link provided in the 29 July Newsflash.

Voting closes on 14 August and the winners announced shortly after.

Milankovich: Geological Cyclicity

Rewanui Conglomerate

Glacial Meltwater Channel

Far left

Interbedded sandstone and conglomerate of the Cretaceous Rewanui Formation, West Coast, South Island.

Immediate left

Glen Valtos, Western Lewis, Outer Hebrides, 2016. The road passes through a winding meltwater channel, carved beneath an ice sheet by water flowing eastward from a dammed lake of ice. This ice, on melting, drained down this glacial spillway. Past glaciations record evidence of cyclical temperature fluctuations.

Macro & micro-scale geoscience

Bromo National Park, East Java, Indonesia, 2015

Geodiidae sponge sterraster

The Geodiidae are a marine family of sponges which produce distinctive, unique silica spicules in their tissues called sterrasters. They are very rarely described in NZ and also occur fossil. This SEM image is of a broken specimen showing both internal and external structures of great complexity. Like many microfossils they can occur in high abundance in small samples.

Sulphides in a Sea of Quartz and Mica

Thin section from Macraes Mine, Otago, 2019. Auriferous sulphides in the Otago Schist at Macraes Mine following a graphitic shear alongside mica foliation and a quartz segregation.

New Zealand Geoscience

Te Mari Fumarole

Dragon fence

Far left

Te Mari Upper Crater Fumarole, Tongariro, 2020.

Immediate left

Mid-Cretaceous intrusion, Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku, Marlborough.

Be Core-ful!

Vapour trail over Mt. Taranaki

Far left

Lake Johnson, 2020: the coring team dances about the boat as they try to find their footing and prepare to retrieve another sediment core, spoilt with their Queenstown scenery.

Immediate left

A long vapour trail left by a commercial jet hangs over Egmont Volcano and Fanthams Peak. The sun has set behind the main volcanic cone and low cloud is beginning to accumulate on the eastern slopes of the mountain.