Young Researcher Travel Grants

Young Researcher Travel Grants

Due to travel restrictions, no grants were made in 2020 or 2021


 2019 recipients

Shreya Kanakiya attended the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

"For me, attending AGU was more than just a technical research meeting.  It was also about networking at the early career and section business meetings and attending career development workshops.  It was a remarkable opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge research being pursued in Earth and Space Sciences internationally and to share my research with fellow scientists." 




Francesco Turco attended the the 4th edition of Petroleum Geostatistics organised by the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers in Florence.

"The sessions of the conference were focused on the applications of geostatistics, inversion of seismic data, reservoir characterisation, uncertainty quantification and even some hard core mathematics.  Even though I can't say I always understood what people were presenting, I definitely got some precious hints for the development of my PhD project on gas hydrate characterisation."


Iseul Park attended the 27th International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics General Assembly in Montreal.

"Many international scientists visited my poster sessions and gave me useful comments to improve my research.  I also gained different perspectives by other talks and posters and learned a way of how to effectively communicate my opinion to audiences.  The conference motivated and encouraged me to study even harder and to have confidence."



Bryant Chow attended a workshop entitled Passive Imaging and Monitoring in Wave Physics in Cargese, Corsica.

"It was refreshing to participate in discussions that ventured far outside my own field, but were still tangible within the scope of my PhD research.  During the evening poster sessions I was able to share my research, and receive feedback from a diverse and international audience of researchers. The workshop was an ideal platform for making connections with future collaborators, while also sharing the work of New Zealand geosciences.  I know that attending this workshop has shown to an international audience that New Zealand values the Earth sciences, and is playing a leading role in pushing the boundaries of cutting edge science."





Past Young Researcher Travel Grant recipients

Year Person Purpose
2019 Bryant Chow Passive Imaging and Monitoring in Wave Physics workshop, Corsica
  Isuel Park International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics General Assembly, Montreal
  Francesco Turco Petroleum Geostatistics, Florence
  Shreya Kanakiya AGU, San Francisco
2018 Stephanie Junior (Otago)
Mirja Heinrich (Auckland)
Australian Synchrotron New User Symposium
Cities on Volcanoes Conference
2017 May Sas
Charline Lormand
Emanuele Giacalone
Elham Yousefzadeh
Sonja Bermudez
Rosie Cole
IAVCEI 2017 Scientific Assembly, Volcano Geology Workshop and Urbino Summer School on Paleoclimatology
2016 Not awarded  - 
2015 Greer Gilmer (Otago),
Braden Walsh (Massey)
Katrina Sauer (Otago)
Ben Hines (VUW)
Southern Connections Congress
Urbino Summer School
2014 Hamish Cattrell (Canterbury)
Latashia Wyering (Canterbury)
Daniel Blake (Canterbury)
Claire Shepherd (VUW & GNS)
Jack Williams (Otago)
World Geothermal Congress
GSA conference
Cities on Vocanoes
Climatic and Biotic events of the Paleogene
Gordon Research Conference and Workshop
2013 Ben Moorhouse (Otago)
Katrin Wellnitz (Otago)
Kristina Pascher (VUW)
Matt Maughan (Otago)
Tom Czertowicz (Otago)
International workshop on Volcano geology
Climatic and Biotic events of the Paleogene
2012 Pontus Lurcock AGU
2011 Robert Tinkler (Massey) INQUA

Young Researcher Travel Grants

The Young Researcher Travel Grants were set up by the GSNZ Committee in 2009. 

The purpose of grants are to fund (fully or in part) one or more early career geoscience researchers or PhD students to present at their first overseas international conference or international workshop.

The grant will fund, or contribute to funding, registration, travel and accommodation costs.