New Zealand SAGE Award

2020 New Zealand SAGE Award winner:

Tayla Hill

Tayla Hill (Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Mutunga) was embarking on her MSc thesis at the University of Otago at the time she was awarded the 2020 NZ SAGE Award.

Tayla was initially planning to conduct a geophysical field survey on the Dun Mountain Ophiolite for this project, and was looking forward to being able to apply the skills she learned at SAGE in the field back home in Aotearoa. However, the advent of COVID in early 2020 put a halt to both SAGE and to Tayla’s original project.

Tayla subsequently completed her MSc on another geophysics-focussed project, specifically understanding preconditioning and triggering of submarine landslides offshore from Wairarapa, and has just begun a job as an Engineering Geologist at Aurecon.

Now, with the SAGE camp once again on offer, and international borders opening up, Tayla  will finally be able to attend SAGE in June 2022. While there, she’ll get experience in new techniques of geophysical exploration and research, and bring back fundamental skills that she can apply in her career here in Aotearoa-NZ. 



Past New Zealand SAGE Award winners

Year Person University
2019 Laura Hughes Victoria
2018 Clarrie Macklin Victoria
2017 Not awarded  - 
2016 Sam Taylor-Offord Victoria
2015 Ashleigh Fromont Auckland
2014 Ben Ross Otago
2013 Anton Gulley Auckland
2012 Not awarded  - 
2011 Richard Davy Victoria
2010 Katharina Unglert Victoria
2009 Not awarded  - 
2008 Jessica Johnson Victoria
2007 Not awarded  - 
2006 Not awarded  - 
2005 Anna Leslie Otago
2004 Not awarded  - 
2003 Emma Davies Canterbury
2002 Michelle Salmon Victoria
2001 Huw Horgan Victoria
2000 Michael Finnemore Canterbury



New Zealand SAGE Award

The Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE), is a unique ‘hands-on' geophysical educational programme held yearly over a four-week period in June/July in New Mexico.  It is conducted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Branch of the Institute of Geophysical and Planetary Physics, University of California.

SAGE aims to enhance the experience and knowledge of students of geophysics in an intense course of geophysical exploration and research that goes beyond classroom-based curricula. Much more than just a summer field camp, SAGE is a complete immersion in geophysics, an educational experience in which students participate in every phase of the field and interpretation programmes.

SAGE participants are chosen globally, and since 2001 one enrolment to participate in SAGE has been available to a student from New Zealand.

Funding for the New Zealand SAGE Award is provided by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand, GNS and the EQC.