Alan Mason Historical Studies Award

2021 Alan Mason Historical Studies Award winner:

John Griffiths


John is undertaking research into exhibitions displaying New Zealand’s mineral wealth, through 1851 and 1990.

Key questions in the research include:

What minerals were displayed?

Where had they been mined?

How did the displays change over time?

How did the range of minerals change over time?

Who was primarily responsible for the organisation of the minerals display?

Did the exhibition have an effect on mineral exploitation, and promote wider interest in its potential?

Did it lead to increased mineral trade with other countries?

You can watch John's acceptance message here.



Alan Mason

Alan Mason receiving his New Zealand Science & Technology medal in 1998 from Sir Edmund Hillary.

Alan Mason was a leading science historian.  Following retirement from a business career, he chronicled the history of geology in New Zealand, and produced three biographies of pioneer geologists.

In 1998 we was awarded a New Zealand Science & Technology medal for his contribution to documenting New Zealand's geological history.