Sedimentology Special Interest Group

The Sedimentology Special Interest Group (SSIG) is for GSNZ members interested in all aspects of sedimentology ranging from ancient deposits to modern sedimentological processes.  The SSIG is open to both active researchers and those just interested in the field.  The aim of the SSIG is to promote communication and support among sedimentologists and provide a forum for sedimentology, stratigraphy and sedimentary geology topics in New Zealand.  Activities to achieve this aim include but are not restricted to:

  • Organising sedimentology field trips and workshops
  • Actively promoting and organising sedimentology-focused sessions at the GSNZ conference
  • Holding group lunchtime meetings at the GSNZ conference
  • Promoting connections with overseas sedimentology groups
  • Providing up to date listings of important publications in sedimentology relating to New Zealand.

The most important task for the SSIG is to ensure the future of sedimentology.  To do this we will actively encourage students to pursue sedimentology as a discipline by providing information on sedimentological lab equipment available at various institutes, listing specialities of current members, and providing an on-line forum where potential student thesis projects can be advertised and where advice can be sought.


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