Hydrogeology Special Interest Group

In New Zealand, 80% of freshwater is found under the ground at any given time.  High level hydrogeological skills and knowledge are needed to protect this precious resource and to ensure it is used in the most beneficial and sustainable manner for environmental and socio-economic purposes. 
Clearly, New Zealand geologists have profound interest and an important role to play in understanding and managing the nation’s groundwaters.  The objectives of the Hydrogeology SIG are:

  • to stimulate interest and knowledge of hydrogeology
  • to raise the profile of geologists in groundwater projects, research and forums
  • to establish ties and instigate mutually beneficial cooperation between the GSNZ and other professional associations interested in groundwater in New Zealand
  • to explore the possibilities and benefits of connecting with international organisations with similar interests, such as the National Groundwater Association (USA) and the European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

Contact: hydrogeology@gsnz.org.nz

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In June 2020 the Hydrogeology SIG started hosting in-person and online talks.  Recordings of these are hosted on You Tube and are available for viewing.

We hope to hold similar events in 2021.

The Geology in the Hydrogeology, Matt Dodson, Environment Canterbury

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