Geoeducation, Outreach & International Development

As members of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand (GSNZ) we know how fascinating and enlighting understanding the dynamics of of the Earth can be! Through the Geo-Education, Outreach and International Development (GEOID) Special Interest Group (SIG) we hope to share our insights and delight with others, while gaining new perspectives and knowledge from them in return.

The GEOID SIG is for any GSNZ members involved or interested in the communication of geoscience to non-geoscientific audiences. Whether you work with schools kids, members of the public, or other experts (such as economists and policy makers), GEOID is a place to share, intiate and celebrate your ideas, efforts and experiences. We are keen to support and promote a multi-faceted approach to outreach that engages with audiences at all levels and incorporates a range of geographical (local, national and international) and cultural (academic, industry, mātauranga Māori and community) perspectives.

In addition to a regular newsletter, we recently initiated an online speaker series called "GEOTalks" (Geo-Education & Outreach Talks). These monthly 1-hour sessions are an opportunity for our members to present and learn from each other as well as invited speakers, build connections, and stimulate ideas for how to improve, extend or establish new education, outreach and international development opportunities.

GEOID membership is free for GSNZ members and we are always on the look out for new ideas, activities and intiatives, so join us today!

GEOID SIG Convenor: Jenny Stein


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King’s Quarry located near Wainui, north Auckland, site of a University of Auckland 3rd year field mapping course.