Geochemistry Special Interest Group

The Geochemistry Special Interest Group (GSIG) is for Geoscience Society members interested in geochemical processes in New Zealand.

Geochemistry is a highly diverse research field and we aim to address any related research area such as environmental, isotope and trace element geochemistry, geochronology, thermochronology, organic and biogeochemistry.

We have members of all career stages (including geochemistry enthusiasts from the public) from New Zealand and overseas. Some members work or are interested in the geochemistry of aquatic and terrestrial environments of the present and past (earth history) and use geochemical indicators for environmental and climate reconstructions. Other members’ research focuses on mineral/ore deposits, oil/gas, gas hydrate and geothermal research, which is of importance for the economy and energy supply.  This group is also of interest to those working in other research fields where geochemistry plays an important role, such as in sedimentology, (chemical) stratigraphy, basin analysis, petrology, volcanology, geothermal and economic geology or other fields in earth and environmental sciences.

We aim to:

  • share geochemistry research news and updates within the GSNZ and wider
  • establish links between group members to facilitate better connection, exchange and networking of the NZ geochemistry community, and
  • connect to other geochemistry groups overseas.

We further aim to promote and support students and young scientists in geochemistry.  The Werner F Giggenbach Prize for Geochemistry is awarded to a young New Zealand-based geochemist, who is the first author of the most outstanding publication in the field of geochemistry for the calendar year preceding the current one.
See the Awards section for more information.

Our newsletters share geochemistry research in progress, new developments and outcomes, geochemical news and announcements, or opinions from the community. We want to raise the profile of geochemistry in New Zealand so that research directions and links are strengthened. We aim for geochemistry-focused sessions, a geochemistry workshop, and a group lunchtime meeting at the GSNZ annual conferences. 

Group members are encouraged to be actively involved, by helping with new initiatives, contributing to the newsletter with an article, or to raise a matter relevant to the community.


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