Early Career Researcher

The Early Career Researcher Special Interest Group is open to all geoscientists who identify as being Early Career Researchers. The ECR SIG will hold its inaugural meeting at the Geosciences 2020 conference in Christchurch.

The aims of the ECR SIG are:

  1. To provide a supportive community for those who identify as ECRs
  2. To provide a forum for discussion between members working as ECRs
  3. To facilitate exchange of ideas and information between ECRs on appropriate topics. For example, post-doctoral scholarships or funding proposals.
  4. To promote ECRs as collaborators/mentors/academic professionals to reduce career-stage bias in academic opportunities (e.g., panellists, judges, invited presenters)
  5. To encourage and enhance collegiality within and between geoscience research facilities (e.g. Universities, CRIs) in Australasia.

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