GSNZ Otago branch talk

5:00 PM

Benson Common Room, Gn9 Geology Building, University of Otago and via Zoom

GSNZ Branch event

Dunedin earthquake hazards: 50 years since the last big shake, presented by
Mark Stirling, Chair of Earthquake Science, University of Otago and Tatiana Goded, Senior Scientist, GNS Science Dunedin

Dunedin has enjoyed a seismically quiet time over its human settlement history, except for a moderate-sized (Magnitude 5) earthquake that struck near South Dunedin on 9 April 1974. The 50 year anniversary of the earthquake provides a timely opportunity to raise awareness of Dunedin’s earthquake hazards.

In this talk we will provide information on the effects of the 1974 event, the earthquake hazards that the city currently faces, and the efforts we have made to understand these hazards.

All are welcome to attend.

The talk will be streamed live at

Come and have dinner and drinks with the speakers after the talk.