International Sedimentological Congress

12:00 AM

Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wellington

Partner organisation event

In 2020, the GSNZ Sedimentology Special Interest Group (SSIG) proposal to host the 22nd International Sedimentological Congress (ISC) for the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) was unanimously approved.
The conference will be held in Wellington with the theme “Sedimentation on active plate margins through time and space”.

The organising committee is developing a broad suite of symposia sub-themes covering modern to ancient sedimentary systems that include (but may not be restricted to):

  • Tectonic geomorphology and sedimentation,
  • Volcano-sedimentary processes and deposits,
  • Carbonate deposition and diagenesis,
  • Seismic and volcanic influences on lacustrine sedimentation,
  • Seismicity and the relationship to submarine landslides/turbidites/mass transport deposits (MTDs) – modern and ancient,
  • Interaction of tectonic and eustatic processes in the sedimentary record,
  • Glacio-fluvial sedimentation,
  • Māori and Pacifica (Polynesian cultures of the SW Pacific) view of sediments and sedimentary process.

We also intend to offer a range of field trips around New Zealand and are looking for field trip ideas and people to lead them. 

If anyone would like to contribute, please email ideas and interest to