GEOTalk - House of Science Volcano and Earthquake Kits For Schools

12:30 PM
1:30 PM

Special Interest Group event

GEOTalks is a series of informal monthly online presentations dedicated to sharing and promoting GeoEducation and Outreach in all its forms. The talks are organised by the GeoEducation, Outreach and International Development Special Interest Group (GEOID SIG) of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand (GSNZ).

This month's talk is:

Volcano & Earthquake Kits For Schools

with Jane Hoggard from House of Science

What is happening beneath our feet that gives rise to the powerful and spectacular forces that cause constant movement and changes in the Earth’s landscape? What causes the Earth’s crust to fracture and break, releasing waves of energy and molten rock (lava) from its interior?

These are the questions House of Science helps students answer by providing interactive resource kits to schools. Students are first introduced to the composition of the Earth and its crust so they can understand why the surface of the Earth is constantly moving and changing. They then model the movement of the huge slabs of rock called tectonic plates that fit together like puzzle pieces to form the surface of the Earth. Students are given the resources to create, and discuss, different types of volcanoes, volcanic eruptions and identify volcanic rocks. The different types of energy waves caused by earthquakes, their movement and destructive capacity, are also explored in a hands-on way.

Join us online to find out more about these great outreach resources!

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