GSNZ Otago branch presents the 2022 President's Lecture

5:00 PM
6:30 PM

University of Otago, Quad 4, Department of Geology

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Tiny but Mighty – the role of pollen and palynology in the Geosciences
GSNZ President Kat Holt, Massey University

For the majority of people, experiences with pollen are localised to a particular time of the year, and for those who suffer from hayfever, this is seldom a pleasant time!

In the scientific world, pollen, spores and their study, palynology, might typically be regarded as belonging in the realm of the biologist. Yet, palynology provides an extremely valuable tool in many areas of the geosciences, including but not limited to biostratigraphy, petroleum exploration, and climate and environmental reconstructions.

The goal of this Presidential Lecture is to demonstrate the versatility and value of palynology in the geosciences, particularly here in Aotearoa NZ. I will draw on examples from my own research, as well as that of other NZ palynologists to illustrate the key contributions palynology has made to our understanding of environmental change in Aotearoa-NZ, as well as exploring some exciting new avenues in pollen-based research.